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Fanta Jasmine Peach (China)

Fanta Jasmine Peach (China)

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Fanta Jasmine Peach, a beloved and invigorating soda in China, brings a unique and tantalizing taste to your palate. Crafted with natural peach flavoring and infused with the fragrance of jasmine flowers, this soda delivers a sweet and floral essence perfect for any occasion.

The 16 oz bottle, carbonated for a satisfying fizz, harmoniously combines peach and jasmine flavors. Adding to the intrigue, Fanta Jasmine Peach features a mystery flavor that keeps you guessing. Whether you're sipping on a hot day, pairing it with a meal, or enjoying it as a sweet treat, this soda is a must-try for a refreshing and unique experience.

With its convenient size, take Fanta Jasmine Peach on-the-go and relish its delicious taste wherever you wander. If you adore fruity and floral drinks, the blend of white peach and jasmine in this Fanta soda will surely captivate your taste buds.


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