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Ceramic Capybara Ramen Bowl

Ceramic Capybara Ramen Bowl

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Elevate your noodle experience with our kawaii Ceramic Capybara Ramen Bowl – a delightful and functional addition to your kitchen that infuses the charm of capybaras into your dining routine. This kawaii ramen bowl isn't just for serving; it's a celebration of cuteness, culinary delight, and the joy of enjoying your favorite ramen in kawaii style.

Transform your dining moments with the delightful charm of our kawaii Ceramic Capybara Ramen Bowl – where functionality meets capybara-inspired flair with every slurp.

Width: about 16.8cm/6.6inch (Including Handle)
Height: about 12.5cm/4.9inch (Including Lid)

Packing List:
1* Ceramic Ramen Bowl
2* Orange Statues

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