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Pastel Star K-Pop Hoodie

Pastel Star K-Pop Hoodie

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Step into the world of K-Pop fashion with our Pastel Star K-Pop Hoodie – a trendy and vibrant addition to your wardrobe that merges the allure of pastel shades with the chic vibes of K-Pop style. This kawaii hoodie isn't just clothing; it's a celebration of self-expression, music, and the joy of embracing your unique fashion sense.

Transform your look with the delightful charm of our Pastel Star K-Pop Hoodie – where style harmonizes with individuality in every wear.


Size Chart:

size Body Weight(kg)
S 40 - 50
M 50 - 55
L 55 - 60
XL 60 - 65
XXL 65 - 70


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