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Red Cardigan & Cherry Dress Outfit

Red Cardigan & Cherry Dress Outfit

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Step into a world of sweet sophistication with our Red Cardigan & Cherry Dress Outfit – a charming ensemble that blends timeless style with playful details! This kawaii outfit features a classic red cardigan paired with a delightful cherry-patterned dress, creating a perfect harmony of elegance and whimsy. The cardigan adds a touch of warmth and versatility, while the cherry dress exudes a vintage-inspired charm with its sweet print. The comfortable fit and flattering silhouette make this outfit suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to gatherings with friends.

Whether you're a lover of retro fashion, adore cherry motifs, or simply want to showcase a chic and cheerful look, our Red Cardigan & Cherry Dress Outfit is the perfect choice. Embrace the sweetness of cherries and add a pop of red to your wardrobe with this timeless ensemble.


Size Information (dress):

Size S   Bust:80cm  Waist:64cm  Shoulder:34cm  Length:75cm   

Size M  Bust:82cm  Waist:66cm  Shoulder:35cm  Length:76cm 

Size L    Bust:84cm  Waist:68cm  Shoulder:36cm  Length:77cm 

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