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Ritz Peach and Cheese Crackers (China)

Ritz Peach and Cheese Crackers (China)

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Experience the delicious fusion of sweet and savory with Ritz Peach and Cheese Crackers, an imported delight from China. This popular 7.6oz snack is perfect for sharing or enjoying on the go, adorned with a colorful box featuring enticing images of juicy peaches and cheese slices.

Upon opening, the crackers release a tempting aroma of peaches and cheese. With a light, crispy, and buttery texture, they serve as the ideal canvas for the subtle peach flavor harmoniously blended with creamy cheese, creating a uniquely delightful snack. Ritz Peach and Cheese Crackers offer a refreshing twist on the classic Ritz cracker, making them perfect for those who crave a balance of sweet and savory flavors.


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